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Leawood City Council meeting notes from Monday, July 18 at 7:30pm.

Pinnacle Corporate Center II – Additional Deck on Parking Garage Approved

The Council approved the addition of an additional level to the parking garage at Pinnacle Corporate Center II on Tomahawk Creek Parkway. In support of Leawood’s bicycle plan, they have also included racks for 12 bicycles in their plan.

There are several businesses that the Leawood Economic Development Council and our partners have been working with that are interested in this currently vacant building.

Trends in office space layouts are moving towards more compact and efficiently organized work spaces. This means that the standards in place for many years, 4 parking spaces per 1000 square feet of office space (4:1 ratio) is often no longer adequate for the modern office user. The approval of the ability to add these additional spaces to the garage at Pinnacle II will make this office building more attractive to a wider variety of potential office tenants.

This building is managed by Leawood Chamber and EDC member business Block Real Estate Services.


City Taking Steps to Change Tree Size Requirements in Landscaping Plans

There was discussion at the Council meeting regarding the fact that Council is considering changing the landscaping requirements in the City’s building codes to reduce the required size for trees planted in business projects from 4” diameter to 3” diameter. Part of the rationale behind this is that the survival rate for the 3” trees is much higher than it is for the 4” trees. In addition, in a very short time, the 3” trees will be as big as the 4” trees since the larger trees take longer to start growing due to transplant shock. This in turn reduces the initial cost of landscaping, and it also reduces the need for additional expense in the longer run since more of the 4” trees will not survive and will need to be replanted.

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