Leawood City Council March Update: Appraised Value Increases | Undergrounding of Power Lines

Kevin Jeffries News

The Leawood City Council’s meeting on Monday, March 5th discussed appraised value increases and the burying of power lines along Mission Road.

Big Increases for Some Property Owners

The Leawood City Council’s agenda on Monday, March 5th included discussion of appraised value increases in Leawood. On average, the appraised value, upon which property taxes are assessed, rose 5.01%, including commercial property. The average home value in Leawood increased from $497,000 in 2017, to $523,000 in 2018. Supply and demand forces at work in Leawood and Johnson County in general is driving this increase in valuation. Twenty one percent of residential values went up over 10%, and 41% went down 5% or less. Be sure to take a look at the valuation notice that was mailed to you early this month to look at the appeal process in the event you feel the increase in your valuation was unjustified. For more information on how the appraisal process works in Johnson County, visit https://www.jocogov.org/dept/appraiser/home.

Burying Power Lines Along Mission Road

As part of Leawood’s street improvement projects for 2018, the City is moving forward with researching burying sections of power lines along Mission Road. The location of one of the projects will be along Mission Road just north of Ranch Mart Shopping center to about 92nd Street. Another area will be a section along Mission from 119th Street to 127th Street. Contingent upon the City’s ability to obtain property easements to bury these lines, we should start seeing activity in the coming months. Burying these lines will improve not only the aesthetics along Leawood’s major corridors, but should also improve electrical service reliability as these lines will no longer be subject to falling limbs during storm events.