Leawood Amends Ordinances for Online Wholesalers

Kevin Jeffries News

Expanding on a recent ordinance amendment for truck wholesalers whose transactions do not involve physical delivery of vehicles, the Leawood City Council has expanded the definition of online wholesalers to include any businesses that do not physically have inventory at their location.

Previously, wholesalers were only allowed to locate their businesses in business parks in Leawood. In today’s internet-based marketplace, many wholesalers now never actually take possession of the products they are selling, and their operations more closely resemble a regular office user in their space needs. They can now locate in any area zoned for office space in Leawood. This change will give many more businesses the ability to locate their operations in Leawood.

The Leawood Economic Development Council worked in partnership with the City of Leawood to bring this important change to our community’s business ordinances.