Council Approves Amended Final Plan For Ranch Mart Shopping Center

Kevin Jeffries News

An amended Final Plan for the redevelopment of the Ranch Mart North Shopping center has received approval by the City of Leawood.

The center will undergo a major revamp to include the complete renovation of the main building’s facade with modern materials, a new two-story mixed-use building, the creation of a pedestrian plaza and the upgrade of the entire site parking lot.  The three existing pad buildings (McDonalds, NBKC Bank and CareNow) will remain.   Cosentino’s Price Chopper will continue as the anchor tenant for the center.

The redevelopment includes the demolition of the existing commercial building on the north-eastern portion of the site (former bowling alley) to make way for a new two-story office/retail/restaurant building. A portion of the eastern end of the retail center will be demolished to provide room for a pedestrian area with connections to a larger plaza space for events.

The plans also include the upgrade of the entire site parking lot to include reconfiguration of the parking spaces and vehicular circulation, new pedestrian connectivity, new lighting and landscaping.

Click HERE for a flyover video illustrating the Ranch Mart proposals.